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GDM offers opportunities to partner through three specific engagement platforms.

1. Storytelling

Storytelling harnesses the age old method of communication to present concepts and ideas to audiences of all types. Geremy leans heavily on this method as his primary way of making ideas, that at times can seem a bit ethereal, tangible.

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2. Leadership Development

Leadership Development exists to help support and empower leaders of all ages to find their leadership sweet spot. Everyone needs a coach! The most significant personalities in any industry can point to individuals along the way that helped to nurture their gifting, focus their energy and course correct along the way. GDM seeks to support and inspire emerging leaders as they seek to fulfill their purpose, helping with everything from leadership development, coaching, ministry development, everything related personal coaching and team coaching with ministries and organizations.

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3. Advocacy

Advocacy is the idea that personal and professional agency is a gift that must be used to empower others and forward the cause of those who are often marginalized. GDM seeks to not only speak for the voiceless, but create environments in which they can find and use their own voice.

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