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Our Purpose

Every single individual has the potential to make significant impact in the world. Each of us are created with a unique set of talents, gifts and raw abilities. We are created with this drive to leave this world better than when we arrived. Unfortunately, at times, we struggle to match our personal constitution with a clear focus on our purpose and a strategy for walking out our destiny.

G. Dixon Ministries (GDM) is the personal ministry platform of Geremy Dixon, a sought after communicator, coach and leadership professional. The ministry primarily engages through three specific engagement platforms: storytelling, leadership development, and advocacy.

What We Do







G. Dixon Ministries offers teaching, leadership content, coaching, personal development, books, curricula and the like. Through thoughtful advice, practical engagement, relationship building and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be excelling in a way you never thought possible. Connect with us today and find the change you’ve been seeking.


Our greatest opportunities lie not in what is before us but what is inside of us...

Geremy Dixon, Founder of G. Dixon Ministries

G. Dixon Ministries (GDM) changed my life and outlook as a leader in the community...

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